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Mark S. Sherriff

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
School of Engineering and Applied Science
University of Virginia

Brief Biography

Mark Sherriff is an Associate Professor and member of the general faculty (teaching track) in the Department of Computer Science at UVA. His teaching focus is in introductory computer science, video game design, mobile app development, web application development, and software engineering. His research interests are in empirical CS education at all levels, video game design, and agile software development. He received his BS in Computer Science from Wake Forest University in 2002 and his MS and PhD from NC State University in 2004 and 2007.

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Statements and Materials

Teaching Portfolio Materials

Teaching Highlights

  • 2016 IEEE Computer Society Computer Science and Engineering Undergraduate Teaching Award
  • 2014 UVA All-University Teaching Award
  • 2010 UVA School of Engineering and Applied Science Hartfield-Jefferson Scholars Teaching Prize (first year ever awarded - $12.5K prize)
  • Other department and student teaching awards listed in CV
  • Lead instructor for main CS1 course during time of sustained growth
  • Designed and implemented four new courses and substantially revamped three other courses

Research Highlights

  • Founding director of the Center for Innovation in Computing Education and Outreach
    • Mission: "We are committed to being national leaders in computing educational research and practice that improves the experiences and outcomes of all students of computing at the university and beyond."
  • Awarded $1.25M collaborative NSF grant to explore and improve the state of empiricism in CS educational research
  • Have run multiple workshops on Designing Emperical Education Research Studies (DEERS) for dozens of faculty
  • Multiple NSF grants awarded to run the NSF Showcase each year at the SIGCSE Symposium
  • Founded the Game Design Research Group at UVA, which focused on gameification and virtual reality in education
  • All publications available at

Service Highlights

  • Guest editor of ACM TOCE for a special issue on capstones and large course projects
  • Service on the Organizing and Program Committees at SIGCSE, ITiCSE, CSEE&T, and other conferences
    • Served as Associate Program Chair for SIGCSE for multiple years
    • SIGCSE 2018: Webmaster and Database Co-Chair
    • SIGCSE 2019: Database Co-Chair and Birds-of-a-Feather Co-Chair
  • Chair of the CS Undergraduate Curriculum Committee for multiple years
    • Helped enact sevearl major changes to the curriculum, including a revamp of CS1 and introducting a capstone program
    • Currently responsible for a full redesign of the entire CS curriculum
  • Chair of the SEAS Undergraduate Curriculum Committee for multiple years